Area of operation

Breaking through a wall of puzzleThrough years of experience, it has been realised that the huge potential for improvements lay in the course of: 1) finding well designed, optimised engineering solutions and 2) creating accurate project design documentation.

Our main area of operation lies in addressing observed inefficiencies.  We aim to provide this at the highest quality and lowest cost.

Mission statement

By embracing the latest technology and applying state-of-the-art tools in the area of 3D design & modelling, computer simulation/animation, and engineering analyses, our goal is to:

  • Provide ultimate quality in creation of engineering designs and in producing accurate technical documentation; (starting from tendering documentation to creation of final fabrication drawings);
  • Increase the efficiency in finding the optimal engineering solutions;
  • Reduce project design time and time to market;
  • Reduce or eliminate any need for redesign or rework;
  • Decrease associated project costs.

Above all our ultimate goal is to deliver projects.  We commit our best resources, go an extra mile, and we do whatever it takes to see project successfully finished. 

What do we do?

Left side is a 3D model - right side is realWhether the task involves creatively solving some of the bigger engineering problems arising in a large scale, complex, multi-million dollar project, or is simply the matter of designing a simple part for a one off application, we approach all our tasks with equal commitment and respect.

By developing digital 3D models, either of individual components or entire production facilities, we are producing designs that are right the first time. We leave no room for common design errors such as overseeing component collisions, misalignment of holes, part displacements, dimension inaccuracy, or defining inappropriate tolerances.


What makes us stand out

Standing out from the crowdManSysCo offers clients not just documentation and design in the routine sense, but full-fledged creative and sometimes strategic solutions that help achieve technical, financial and timing outcomes.  

Here at ManSysCo we take a proactive approach with our clients to find out how we can improve their product or production facilities. Our company has been responsible for providing redesigned solutions offering more technical capability at lower costs to all manner of customers through the use of our creative talent and the tools at our disposal.

By engaging experienced senior personnel with design work and avoiding the decoupling of engineering and drafting departments we ensure that the best talent is involved in all aspects of a projects lifecycle. Communication, information and agent costs are almost completely eliminated as management and engineering are kept tightly knit and no effort needs to be wasted in ensuring everyone has the same idea.

All our clients have enjoyed success from the added value we provide to projects. We strongly believe that by choosing ManSysCo over the competition our clients make the choice to tackle their problems in the most cost effective and technically sound manner and share in our success.