How do we operate?

Because of the wide diversity of clients which we deal with (being small, medium, or large scale organisations) and specific project requirements that need to be addressed on each occasion, here in ManSysCo we recognise the ever increasing need for offering our services in a flexible manner, tailored for each client.  Accordingly, depending on the scope and complexity of the project, we have developed several arrangements to service our clients with the aim of meeting their expectations in the best possible way.  These different "modus operandi" are stipulated below:

"Tight integration":  In this arrangement we bring our resources (people, computer hardware and software) to the client site/premises.  Completely integrated with client's project team personnel, we work as internal team members during the entire project duration.  Our services are offered on an hourly basis. Project scheduling and budgeting is done by the client.

"Remote office":  We provide staff that spend the required amount of time on the client's site during the kick-off stage of the project.  Later, work is done from our premises but with regular contact with the client during the day (using phone/internet).  The client project management team provides tight coordination of our activities on the project (prioritising and scheduling tasks).  Services are offered on a basis of assigned tasks and time allocated for their accomplishment.  Project team members might spend additional amounts of time working on the client site on an ad hoc basis.

"Taking ownership":  In this arrangement we take ownership over certain project tasks/assignments and we deliver the design solution together with project documentation/drawings.  Scheduling and budgeting is performed on a "per assignment" basis and the majority of work is done from our premises.  If and when required, our staff might spend some time on the client site/premises.

"Working on a project basis":  Similar arrangement to the one described above but taking responsibility/accountability for delivering the entire project from design perspective.

"Providing design, engineering and project management services".  For more demanding projects for us, our existing capabilities can be extended by engaging additional engineering & management level personnel to provide the most appropriate set of skills & expertise for the project requirements. 

"Providing complete turn-key solutions".  Our network of clients continuously expands over the time.  This put us in a privileged position to offer the most complete, most competitive turn-key solutions for projects with this need.