Mansysco's inception ocurred in May 2005. During this year we took part in the design process of a few sucessfuly accomplished projects as indicated below. All 3D designing and modelling work was done using Inventor®.


  Client: Design Production Pty Ltd, Erina, NSW
  Projects: Mansysco was engaged on the following projects:
  - Ravenswood - Gold mine – Queensland, Australia
  - Dexing – Copper mine - Jiangxi province, China
  - Minerva – Coal mine – Queensland, Australia
  - Millennium – Coal mine –Queensland, Australia
    Work on the projects listed above involved 3D modelling & design of material handling systems: conveyors, chutes, stackers, crushing stations, surge bins, feeders, skids, and walkway platforms. As a result of providing mechanical and structural designs, production quality, detailed fabrication drawings were generated from 3D models.
  Client: Fan Quip Pty Ltd, Singleton, NSW
  Project: 3D design and modelling of fan rotors and blades. Creation of engineering drawings.