The projects listed below refer to the projects which were conducted through GHD Pty Ltd - an international engineering consultancy. Note that all 3D design & modelling work on the named projects was solely done by the founder of ManSysCo Pty Ltd using SolidWorks® and Cosmos® software tools as a developing platform.



  • BlueScope Steel Ltd - Steelworks Cogeneration Plant (SCP). Detail design of LDG Collection and Delivery System ductwork at Port Kembla, Wollongong, NSW. 

  • Northparkes Mines - Pebble Crusher Circuit conceptual design. Resolving a problem of material spillage. Conceptual design of chutes, feeding shuttles, conveyors and a supporting steel structure for Crusher Circuits Module 1 & 2. Copper-gold mine, Parkes, NSW.

  • WSN Environmental Solutions - Jacks Gully Alternative Waste Technology (AWT) Facility, Israel. 3D modelling of a whole site layout, including: Materials Recycling Facility (steel framework), Waste Collection Point building, Tank Farm, and surrounding terrain. Sydney, NSW. 

  • Gosford City Council - Mooney Upper Dam - Structural and stability review. Creating a 3D model of arch dam and surrounding terrain for FEA purposes. Gosford, NSW.

  • Nubian Water Systems - An overall redesign of a grey-water treatment system. The system was transformed from a functional prototype to a manufacturable product. Led design changes & provided solutions for resolving issues identified on the prototype. Contributed to definition of a functional logic of control system and produced technical documentation including production, assembly and installation drawings, walk throughs, and assembly & exploded view animations. Artarmon, NSW.  



  • Rio Tinto Coal Australia (RTCA – MTW) - Dilute Medium Circuit Upgrade. Detail design of pipe lines including accompanying equipment and building steelwork structure. 3D model and engineering drawings of Coal Washery Plant – Warkworth coal mine, Singleton, NSW.

  • Northparkes Mines - Secondary Crusher Circuit Study. Design of 3D models of mineral stockpiles including material mass and volume calculations at different stock levels. Copper-gold mine, Parkes, NSW. 

  • Multi Purpose Hall for Qatar University. Design of a 3D wired model (for FEA purposes) of a complex, entire roof structure. Doha, QATAR.

  • Metal Manufacturers Ltd - Tube Reducing Line. Conceptual design of tubing transfer table - feed chute. Port Kembla, NSW.

  • Australian Steel Mill Services Pty Ltd - Dewatering Wheel Drive Modification. Design of support steelwork, base-frames, shafts, hub connectors, gearboxes & support bearings. Warrawong, NSW. 

  • Resource Pacific Limited Pty Ltd - Drift Upgrade. Transfer tower modifications. Design of 3D models of drift and stacker conveyors, drift head chute, drive assemblies and a steel structure of transferring tower. Newpac No 1 Colliery - underground coal mine, Singleton, NSW. 

  • Boulder Steel Ltd - Asia Pacific Seamless Tubes (APST). Creation of a 3D concept/design model of overall production site. The design included: a terrain landscape, processing plant buildings (structural steel) and models of material handling system (conveyors, material transfer stations, stockpile depots, etc.). Ipswich, QLD. 

  • Redispan Conveyors Pty Ltd - Modifications of Conveyor Galleries. 3D modelling of conveyor galleries and conducting linear stress analyses (COSMOSWorks). Tomago, NSW. 

  • Rio Tinto Coal Australia (RTCA – MTW) - BDT Second Stage Flotation Tank. Detail design of pipe lines – 3D modelling. Warkworth coal mine, Singleton, NSW. 

  • Rio Tinto Coal Australia (RTCA – MTW) - Upgrade of WEMCO Drum Feed Chute. Detail design of a chute – 3D model. Mount Thorley coal mine, Singleton, NSW. 

  • Mt Arthur Coal Pty Ltd - Transfer station ladder access. Detail design of a ladder and a landing platform. Open-cut coal mine, Muswellbrook, NSW.