Client: Brentwood Engineering Pty Ltd, Wollongong, NSW
  Project: "SITA EDL" - a multi-million dollar project for one of Australia's major recycling plants. The project scope embraced detailed design, development, fabrication and integration of all machinery to be installed on the site (feeders, shredders, conveyors, trommel screens, mixers, platforms, chutes, walkways, and screening equipment). Mansysco provided 3D design and modelling services and was involved in creation of detailed fabrication drawings. In addition, Mansysco took ownership over design and documentation of vented hoods for three different apron feeders.
  Client: Nubian Water Systems Pty Ltd, Silverwater, NSW
  Project: Mansysco was providing conceptual designs and 3D modelling & drafting services for a few smaller projects as listed below:
  • Development of OASIS 2400 lpd system – two processing columns.
  • Development of a commercial system (10,000 – 20,000 lpd) – modular skid system based on OASIS 1200 and OASIS 2400 processing units.
  • Development of a commercial system 12,000 lpd – modular skid system based on new industrial processing columns.
  • Development of GT 600 baffle
  • Development of a commercial system for Dickson apartments
  • Development of GT40K industrial system
  • Development of OASIS GT600 Ver.1.3
  • Conceptual Layout design for GT30K, GT8K, and GT2K
  Client: Benthic Geotech Pty Ltd, Rhodes, NSW
  Project: "PROD 2" - a multi-million dollar project to design and build two fully self contained, sea-floor, Portable, Remotely Operated Drilling (PROD) systems. Mansysco took ownership over the design, 3D modelling (including FEA) and creation of detailed fabrication drawings for several parts of the project as indicated below:
  • Redesign of two rotary magazines for holding PROD's core barrels, in situ testing tools and casing.  The magazines are the most important and complex custom build items of the PROD.  Mansysco came up with the improved design which was accepted. The new design was easier to manufacture, assemble and maintain during the PROD's exploitation.
  • Development of two hydraulically operated access platforms -for facilitating off-shore maintenance work on PRODs,
  • Development of two mobile workshop platforms - to facilitate a production process of PRODs.
  • Designed reinforcement brackets used for horizontal and vertical lifting of the PROD 2.