Client: Advanced Power Pty Ltd, Liverpool, NSW
  Project: "Gorgon" - Barrow Island LNG Plant, WA. Kellogg Joint Venture between: KBR E&C Australia Pty. Ltd.; JGC Corporation; Clough Projects Australia Pty. Ltd.; and Hatch Associates Pty. Ltd.
ManSysCo provided conceptual designs, 3D modelling and drafting services for developing a 2.5MW Temporary Diesel Power Generator Station - 14 units.  Great attention was given to design of a base frame, a canopy, and a roof section.  All major components, including a diesel engine, an alternator, fuel and oil tanks, attenuators, a cooling system, a control unit cabinet, an exhaust silencer, etc. were taken into account during the design process. 
  Client: Orica Australia Pty Ltd - Orica Mining Services, Kurri-Kurri, NSW.
  Project: "Standard modular noise plant" - the plant developed for an emulsion manufacturer from Chile. 
ManSysCo undertook creation of fabrication piping drawings for several production sections of the plant.
  Client: Visioneering Pty Ltd, Muswellbrook, NSW.
  Project: Development of "Razoroll manufacturing machine" for Razer Industries Pty Ltd. 
ManSysCo provided 3D design & modelling services for development of the machine.
  Client: Tyre Recycling Manufacturing Pty Ltd, Lisarow, NSW. 
  Project: Development of a 1.5 tonne per hour tyre recycling facility for a client in Slovenia. 
ManSysCo was involved in creatiion/development of a factory floor plan for tyre recycling plant. Providing 3D design, modelling and drafting services.
  Client: Nubian Water Systems Pty Ltd, Silverwater, NSW.
  Project: A number of projects throughout the year. Providing engineering, design, 3D modelling, and drafting services. Some of the projects include:
  • Development of Greywater Treatment System - Enoggera Army Bay project
  • Development of Biofilter System - modular skid design
  • Development of Disinfection System - modular skid design
  • Conceptual designs for GT10K, GT15K, GT20K, GT25K, GT30K, GT35K, and GT40K systems
  Client: N/A
  Project: The internal projects listed below were triggered by the world economical slow down at the beginning of 2009.
  • Design, development, and deployment of ManSysCo's web site.
    The project included all tasks required for establishing a fully functional web site, from domain name registration, web site design, programming, and testing, to finding a provider for DNS, web site, and email hosting, accounts registrations, uploading the web site, setup of email accounts and submitting the web site to search engines.
  • Establishing a new business stream: IP wireless, surveillance, network cameras.
    A fast tracked, venture, research project:  From conceptual design of a mobile platform with an integrated robotic arm and a video system on a board to procurement and installation of IP wireless network cameras, which are accessible 24/7 from anywhere in the world via the Internet.
    - Developing and installing a test bed system consisted of 4 different IP cameras of different specifications/brands: http://mansysco.com/gozomi.html.
    - One successfully commissioned a commercial installation for Link-Pack Pty Ltd.  The system consisted of four cameras and one Network Video Recorder.
  • Interior design projects - work with an architect:
    - Designing a waiting room with a reception area for a dental surgery practice in Ashfield.
    - Designing a small, luxurious kitchen for a private client.