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ManSysCo is an engineering consultancy - a professional services provider - with an office in Sydney, Australia.  At ManSysCo, we are committed to delivering projects, however small/routine or more challenging/complex they are.

Working closely with our clients, ManSysCo continues to help capture and realise engineering visions using the latest computer aided engineering tools with a team of highly educated, talented, creative and experienced individuals at the helm.

ManSysCo specializes in offering design, mechanical and structural engineering services to a broad range of industries and has previous experience in mining, water, oil and gas, waste management, and custom built machinery. The company has been responsible for developing conceptual designs and overall site layouts through to engineering and detailed fabrication drawings.  To find out more about our previous work you can go to our "Project list" and "Image gallery" pages.

ManSysCo's services complement our client’s expertise and this synergy allows us and our client to achieve our goals together. We are always keen to tackle new challenges, and if you are interested in finding out how ManSysCo can assist you in finding the right solution, do not hesitate to contact us at ...





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